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Kat Von D Signature Precision Brow Pencil - Graphite - 0.002 oz

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Kat Von D Signature Precision Brow Pensil - Graphite - 0.0022 oz

Just like a signature, your brows are uniquely personal. Signature Brow Precision Pencil allows you create your dream brow shape with unprecedented control. This eyebrow pencil’s super-precise elliptical tip is perfect for drawing hair-like strokes with an artist’s precision. Use the long edge to outline your ideal brow shape, then flick the super-skinny tip to create realistic hair-like strokes.

The long-wear, break-resistant, waterproof eyebrow pencil is formulated to be extra-hard, designed for buildable payoff, so you can layer color with confidence to achieve any custom brow look.

Design and define with 7 natural shades hand-picked for every brow tone. KVD Vegan Beauty's Brow Collection features the same shade in each format, so you can mix and match your favorite products to create your custom brow.

KVD Vegan Beauty's Brow Collection empowers you to own whatever eyebrow look you want with confidence, whether they’re soft and natural, crisp and defined or a rainbow-bright work of art. There are no rules in makeup, especially when it comes to your brows, so feel free to craft and color with complete creative freedom!

Fill weight: 0.002 oz/0.065 g

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